Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Book Review: Alien Most Wanted by Honey Phillips


Book Description

One minute Amanda is crying over a Hallmark movie and binging chocolate. The next she is being offered as a prize to the winner of a brutal contest in an alien prison. And the biggest, scariest alien of them all just won her…

A cheating boyfriend is the least of Amanda's worries when an alien appears in her living room. Discovering she has been sold to an alien prison is terrifying. Seeing two males fight to the death for her is horrifying.

But the massive red male who looks at her with such hunger? He could destroy her.

Left to rot with the other Undesirables, Riker’s only focus is on escape. He has no intention of fighting for anyone’s entertainment. Until he sees the soft, beautiful female being offered to the victor.

A female is the last thing he needs, especially one who arouses his mating instincts, but neither can he resist her. Can he protect her from the vicious guards, the evil warden - and from himself?

Please note that Alien Most Wanted: Caged Beast is the extended version of the short story originally published as part of the Alien Embrace anthology. Intended for mature audiences!

My Review

Amanda was minding her own business in her living room when an alien shows up out of nowhere and abducts her. Next thing she knows, she's in an alien prison on an alien world and two immense aliens are fighting to win her as the prize. She fears what either of them will do to her once they win her but she doesn't have a choice in the matter, there's no escape. 

Riker has been in the prison for a while but doesn't take part in the fights that only serve to entertain the guards. But once when he spots Amanda, he knows what will happen to her if some of the other inmates get to her so he decides to fight to win her and he does win. 

Once they are alone he has to make it seem like he's brutal to her and she goes along with the ruse but he really just wants to keep her safe. The worst possible thing that could happen is that Riker would feel protective of her and have his mating instincts kick in which is exactly what happens. But Riker is set to escape this prison and now he can't leave Amanda behind because he knows she's his mate. Once out and on the run, they hide and find shelter but an alien animal happens upon Amanda and she tries to communicate with it. The animal seems intelligent and when Riker comes back from hunting for food, the animal is protective of Amanda. They make friends and this new alien even helps them. 

I really liked this story. It was sweet, scary, action packed and I loved the description of the aliens. 

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.