Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Book Review: Dragon Fever by Elsa Jade


Book Description

He must find the heart of his dragon treasure. She will be the treasure of his dragon heart. The Nox Incendi dragons are dying. In a mysterious faux castle on the outskirts of Las Vegas, Rave Dorado has been struggling for centuries to find a cure for the creeping cold that is slowly turning his dragonkin to stone. Until his fiery gaze falls on a curvy, plucky female whose purity of spirit lights a flame in his icy soul… Piper Ramirez knew a girls’ night out with her two best friends at the world’s most exclusive casino would be beyond belief…but she had no idea just how far. Inexplicably drawn to the dark and sexy Rave, she’ll roll the dice and take a chance giving him her body, though he is too much of an enigma to truly trust. But the Nox Incendi shifters aren’t the only one with secrets in Sin City. Piper will have to open her eyes to a strange new world and Rave will have to open his heart if they want to survive the dragon fever.

DRAGON FEVER is a standalone dragon shifter paranormal romance with a Happily Ever After for the heroine and her hero. Although we suspect there maybe be more brooding dragon lords longing for their mates! 

My Review

This books starts off with Piper and her two girlfriends going on a night out to a Las Vegas casino where she has a bit of a fight with her friends who leave her at the bar. Rave is watching the cameras and spots Piper alone and he is pulled towards her. She has no idea who he is when he introduces himself to her and buys her a drink. Since he owns the casino he can order the good stuff for them. They feel a pull towards each other and she ends up following him back to his lair, yes lair because he's a dragon shifter but she doesn't know that. 

After spending the night together Rave goes back to his lab where he finds he has found a cure for his people turning to stone or he thinks. But things are not that easy because Piper is his mate and there are others who put her in danger. 

Secrets are revealed and truth's have to be realized which can be hard to swallow. 

While this started off a little slow, I'm glad I stuck with it because it got a lot better. I really liked that it was set in Las Vegas where I live. There was dragons, bad guys, romance, danger and a curse that hopefully will be healed once all the brothers find their mates. I'm looking forward to reading the next book now. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.