Monday, July 11, 2005

It's gonna be a scorcher!

Just heard on the news that it's suppossed to be 114 degrees for the next 2 days.But they take the temperature in the shade at the airport so when they showed us our neighborhood weather temperature, my neighborhood's temperature was going to be 119 degree's. Sweating 2 Dang, so this morning I got up and went and did my grocery shopping at 4am. Good grief at midnight last night it was still 80 degrees. Too damn hot. It's true that we are mostly made up of water right? Well then I surmise that if I got out in 119 degree heat my body will evaporate into steam and I will disappear. LOL Anyway, I don't feel like haveing my brain boiled this early in the summer. I'll wait to have a heat stroke with the rest of the nuts that will probably be outside later in the month.