Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Book Review: Slammer: Most Wanted Alien Brides #1 by Candice Gilmer


Book Description

Leaving the Terran Empire's POW camp, they thought they found their way home.
Home, however, is taking a different route than these cyborgs expect.

Most Wanted Alien Brides Book 1
When the Intergalactic Dating Agency mistakes a prison ship for their new clients looking for mates, cyborg Kolvin jumps at the opportunity. A new life, with the bonus of a ready-made wife? How can this go badly?

But when Kolvin meets his mate, she winds up not being what he expects.

She drives him crazy. She's not even from his dimension. His Craving, however, wants what it wants, and he finds himself at the mercy of it.

Tina Craige, an astronomer from Earth, is pretty sure she's dead. After all, one does not walk through an excavated arch and wind up in another dimension. Especially not in one where a giant cyborg humanoid wants her as a mate.

When she discovers that he's traumatized from being held prisoner of war, she can't bring herself to abandon him. Not yet.

She has thirty days to accept this giant cyborg as her mate, PTSD and all, or return to her dimension and Earth, as if she'd never left. And never see, or remember, him again.

Will she be able to give up everything for her cyborg mate?

My Review

A bunch of cyborgs were held in a POW camp for some time and they were treated badly to the point where some of them are suffering from PTSD. When they are released and think they are on their way home, the ship ends up being mistaken for clients for the Intergalactic Dating Agency, Kolvin decides to just go for it until he meets his mate and she's not what he expected her to be. 

Tina finds a strange arch in a cave and after walking though it she finds herself on an alien planet where they think she's a client looking for an alien mate. When they tell her she has to stay for 30 days and they hope she gives her potential mate a chance, she thinks it's all crazy but she decides to give it a chance. 

These two seem like complete opposites but they find a way to get to know one another and even find they have feelings for each other after a while. The only thing really keeping Tina from giving it a real chance was the thought of leaving her parents alone. 

I liked the world building and the beginning of the book explaining how the portal gets lost so Tina is able to find it when she does. Though you would think they would have had a better way of finding and retrieving a portal they lost. I really liked the secondary characters and am looking forward to reading more of this series now. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.