Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I'm not afraid of spider's anymore. Not like I was when I was a teenager, but if I saw this big guy...even I might back away slowly. Some spider's can get seriously big. I had a horrible fear of bugs when I was younger. I knew I had to try and get over my fear so I looked up how to do that and I read the only real way to get rid of a fear was to face it head on...face your fear. Which meant...I had to go find a bug and hold it, look at it..ect..

So, me being the big bad ass that I am, I went out and saw a Black widow spider on the outside of my apartment wall. *Yeah, don't try this at home kids*

I got a glass and a piece of paper and put the glass over the Black Widow and slowly, gently pushed the paper under the spider until I had her safely inside the glass. Then I walked home with her. I also read that if you put a spider in the freezer for just a minute they will slow down and won't be able to move for a few seconds. Just long enough for me to take a look at her and get over my fear.

So I put her, glass and all in the freezer for a minute and sure enough she wasn't moving. I took her out and got out my small microscope and looked at her under the microscope...and then she woke up. You've never seen me move so fast in my life. The thing was, I could have gotten miss spider back into the glass...if it hadn't been for her web. Yes, when she woke up she started spilling her web all over everything she walked across and it was sticky..I mean really sticky and I kept getting stuck in it. Once I touched the web and I saw her climbing on it...right towards me. I got her in the glass and took her back outside real fast. Buh Bye miss spider.

I later found out that a Black Widow spider most times requires a trip to the E.R. for Anti-Venom. I had no idea about that at the time. But I got over my fear of spiders and can now pick any spider I find in my apartment up in my hands and take them outside and put them in the bush outside my door.