Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Plus Sized Guide To Buying Women's Clothing

No longer are we second class citizens without a place to shop for nice clothing. It used to be that Modern, Stylish and Sexy full figured clothing wasn't readily available to us, but things have changed and now we can find Lingerie as well as everyday and work clothes that don't look like moo-moo's.

The very first thing I would suggest getting is a Bra that fits. Full Figured women like myself have a hard time finding the right Bra that doesn't pinch, poke or bind up on the sides. But if you don't want to end up looking like your 80 year old Great Aunt Ethel who decided twenty years ago she didn't need to wear a Bra anymore and now has what men like to call "The Tube Sock Breasts" then I would suggest finding a Bra that fits and buying new one's every three months, because they do stretch out and won't hold you in place the way you might want after they become stretched.

I don't know why they have 'Minimizer Bra's on the market. If you have an asset show it off I say. Do you have 44DD's and think you need to 'Minimize' them to look better? I say get a pretty lacy under wire Bra that lifts and supports you, then find a sexy shirt of the same color that's either partly see through or low cut and have fun. You have cleavage, show it off.

I may not be able to do anything about gravity, but I don't want to be like Great Aunt Ethel who would knock herself out with her own breast if she were to jump up and down for some reason. Now if you don't know what I'm talking about take a tube sock and put a small apple in it and let it fall to the bottom. Now take a look at that. That's what gravity will do to your breasts if you don't wear a Bra that keeps you lifted. We Full Figured women have heavy breasts and if you don't wear your Bra, they will fall down to your knee's.

Do you think you have to wear 'Granny Panties' just because your full figured? Well think again, you can find sexy silky and lacy under things at most department stores that cater to Full-Figured women. One such store is Lane Bryant. Every time I shop in their store I find myself looking at the silky nighties and lacy panties. What better way to feel good about yourself than to be wearing something sexy under your clothes. You can even wear them under your work clothes and feel a little naughty.

Now let's talk about dresses. Manufacturers have made dresses that accentuate your lovely curvy figure. Don't buy big baggy dresses that droop down to your ankles, they won't make you feel like the sexy woman you are. Instead show off your figure, show off you curves, buy a dress that will show off what that new Bra is accentuating. A low cut dress if the perfect thing to show off one of your assets, cleavage! If you have long beautiful legs, buy a dress that's cut just above the knee and show them off and be sure to wear a pair of sheer stockings with your sexy dress.

Now you have your under things and the dress, what about shoes? Heels will make you look sexy and you don't have to get 4" spiked heels to pull this look off. Get a pedicure or paint your toenails a pretty dark pink or reddish color and they will show through the sheer stockings you bought. An open toed shoe or heeled sandal is your best bet. It will accentuate your stocking feet, show off your pretty toes and the heel will make you look sexy. Make sure to get a color that goes good with your new dress. If you're buying a black dress buy black shoes. If you're buying a white dress buy white shoes. Don't pair green shoes with a pink dress unless your trying out for the Circus College.

Now that you're all dressed up, it's time to go out. Get some friends together and go out to dinner, go to a club, go have some fun.