Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Book Review: Guarded By The Grizzly by Bella Drake


Book Description

He’d do anything for her. She’s trapped in a loveless marriage. When duty and destiny are pitted against each other, will desire lead to disaster?

Bear shifter Nash Barnes is a relentless agent of justice. Sworn to his FBI SWAT team, nothing comes between him and protecting his community. Until he meets Aria. But when he discovers his fated mate is already married to another man, his distress puts his teammates’ lives at risk.

Aria Morgan is desperately unhappy. Trapped in a marriage of convenience to a mean, abusive cartel member, she’s long since given up on love. But when a handsome stranger defends her from her aggressive husband, she can’t quite convince herself to send him away.

When Nash offers to kick her husband out of her house, she’s torn. She longs to finally be free of him and explore the explosive chemistry brewing between her and the sexy agent, but taking her shot at love could cost Aria her life.

With a target on her back, there’s nothing Nash won’t do to protect his true mate.

Guarded by the Grizzly is the seductive second book in the SWAT Shifters paranormal romance series. If you like fated mates, steamy scenes, and strong heroes, then you’ll love Bella Drake’s pulse-pounding new series.

My Review

Nash is a Swat member and also a bear shifter. He spots Aria and knows she's his mate but she's married and that fact messes him up so much so that he puts his team members in danger. So he watches Aria just to make sure she's happy so he can move on somehow but he finds out that she's in a loveless marriage and the husband treats her badly. So he does the only thing he can do, he puts himself out there for her and protect her when bad guys put her in danger. 

Nash and his team are working on a case and they find that their case might involve the same guy that Aria is married to so now Nash has a reason to get into her life and help her get rid of her abusive husband. 

Aria isn't too sure about Nash at first but she really dislikes her husband so she takes Nash's help. I loved Nash, he's such a nice guy unless someone is putting his friends and family in danger then his bear really comes out to take care of business. And Aria was great, she was exactly what Nash needed and she's such a nice person. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.