Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A to Z Blogging Challenge: U is For Unicorns

Here is a couple of Unicorns from my collection. The little dragon hatching from the egg is what my husband bought for me when I was pregnant with my daughter 21 years ago. I bought those two Unicorns about a month later.

I used to have a huge collection of Unicorns but when moved 6 times in 10 years because of hubby's work and a lot of them broke or got lost but these two always found their way with me. 

These two are my favorite from this collection. I've started other collections but they always seem to fizzle out. 

Things like:
Stamps- I started and after a while got bored with it. 
Dragons- bought two and it got expensive so is two statues considered a collection?
Bookmarks- Yeah that's more of an obsession at this point. I have about 1000 of them now. 
Pens- Yeah there's another obsession (maybe I need to see Dr. Phil) I have about 100 Author swag pens.
Unicorns- I still have 10 Unicorns and I do consider that a collection. 
Books- I have about 2000 books on my shelves at the moment. Hubby thinks I'm a few books away from being on an episode of Hoarders. 

Added: Here's a blog post I made with pictures of some of the books in my collection. Book Collection

Do you collect anything?