Friday, October 05, 2012

Freebie Friday

This weeks freebies came to me from House Party. You just sign up for the House Parties and wait to see if you've been chosen to host one. Then they send you a box of goodies to share with your friends and family at your party. This week I was chosen for a Kleenex Hand Towel party and they sent me 12 boxes of Kleenex hands towels as well as 13 of the hand soap kits you see in the bottom picture. 

This kit is going to be a real hit at any party. I have 13 *one for me* of these kits to share with my friends. The plastic bottle filled with soap is sugar cookie scented and you add the green dye from the tiny bottle and then shake it until you have the desired color. Then you pour it into the white dispenser container and put it on your bathroom sink. The dye is green so you can make it for Christmas. And each kit came in the red pouch.

Disclosure: I was sent these freebies to share with friends and family. All comment are my own.