Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Review: Master in Shining Armor by Sparrow Beckett

Book Description

The author of Finding Master Right returns to the Master Unleashed series with a new erotic romance with an unexpected surprise.

When Juliet Callahan's company lands a contract to renovate Catacombs, a mysterious private BDSM club, she's intrigued. The club's owner, William Ellis, is a bossy, dominant man who drives her up the wall. To find out what Catacombs needs, Juliet agrees to visit the club, never guessing she'll end up having a torrid night of submitting to Will's dominance.

Will doesn't want a needy submissive he has to treat with kid gloves, but naïve and proper Juliet is too hard to resist. She responds to him beautifully, but after one scorching night, she runs scared. Before he can figure out what makes the interesting girl tick, an unexpected shock shows up on his doorstep.

His ex's baby.

My Review

Juliet is really sweet, pretty and completely vanilla. That is until she lands a contract to remodel a BDSM club and meets with Will. Her ideas for changes to the club don't really mesh with Will's so he asks her to come to the club when it's open for business so she can get a feel for the place when people are there and see how it's used. What she isn't expecting is to find her inner submissive too willing to do what Will asks of her once she's there and the sparks between them start to fly. 

Will is a busy guy, so when miss prim and proper Juliet shows up to talk about remodeling his club, he knows that she has no idea what kind of club it is or how her ideas just won't work so he asks her to come see the place that night when people are there using it. He's not expecting her to find the activities so arousing or to find her so accepting of what he's wanting to do to her. 

Will came on too strong, pushed her too far and scared her even though every time she thinks about what they did she's not sure whether to be embarrassed, humiliated or turned on. After their night together she wants to slow down and keep their relationship a strictly working one but when he doesn't return her phone calls she has no other choice but to drop in on him and find out what the problem is. She's not expecting to find him with a baby at the club but that's exactly what she finds. 

After a tragedy he finds himself taking care of a baby and he can use all the help he can get. Juliet doesn't want to be a mother after helping to raise her siblings. She wants to have a childless adult life...that is until she's around Beau and falls for the child. Every time Will talked about giving the baby up for adoption, I cringed. I really wanted him to want to keep the baby but I wasn't sure he would since the baby wasn't his. 

I loved these two characters. They were so damn good together even though they were so different. Watching them get to know one another and slowly fall in love was so much fun. I ate this book up in one day. I hardly wanted to put it down long enough to make a cup of tea, it was just that much fun. 

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

Disclosure: I received this book free from NetGalley but all opinions are my own.