Saturday, July 10, 2021

Review: Shop Miss A

While I was watching Youtube videos of makeup dupes (lower priced makeup that are a lot like the more expensive ones) I came across someone reviewing this website. Shop Miss A. The makeup on their site is $1. Some of it is $1.50 or $2.00 but still, that is a great price for makeup if the makeup is good. So I decided to do a haul and review of what I got. 

I received: 

Setting Spray
makeup remover wipes
eyeshadow primer
eyeshadow brush
6 pan eyeshadow palette
eyebrow pencil
loose setting powder
3 different shades of foundation

This AOA foundation was the only one that I liked out of the three that I got. It was closest to my shade and blended nicely. It's full coverage but didn't feel cakey on my skin. 

The concealer worked really well and didn't crease and stayed matte all day. I liked it and it was a good color for me. A little goes a long ways too.

I can always use another eyeshadow blending brush and this one works well. 

This is an eyeshadow primer and it worked as well as the one that I usually use. I will definitely be using this again.

I liked this loose setting powder but as you can see it was quite messy when twisting the cap on and off. The powder would slip out and just get everywhere for some reason. I use loose powder in this type of twist off jar and my other ones don't do this. The powder itself is nice though. Very lightweight and leaves a nice finish.

These makeup remover wipes work but not as well as Neutrogena wipes do. I had to work a little harder using these to get my makeup off but for the price, they work well and smell nice. 

The mascara for me was a fail. First the applicator is so bendy that I had a hard time using it. The mascara is thick, dry and clumped really bad. During the day I found little black pieces of mascara under my eyes where it was flecking off. 

This eyeshadow was a complete bust for me. I used the two lightest shades and they were ok but then I used the two darker shades on the bottom of each end and there was very little color. The darkest shade was so light I was surprised and it took me forever to get any color from it at all. Then I tried using the bottom middle shimmer shade and there was nothing. Not just a little but absolutely no color at all was seen on my eye. I even scraped off the top layer thinking maybe there would be some color payoff underneath and still got nothing. Such a shame because they look like they should be nice colors.

I tried both of these AOA foundations and I had to wash them off my face because they were so cakey, so drying, and they made my face feel so tight. I hate that feeling. The lighter shade on the left was worst with the cakey feeling and texture but both were a fail for me. 

The setting spray is great. Is smells so good, comes out of the bottle in a fine mist and didn't make my face feel like I had anything on my face once it dried. I really like this and it did seem to control the oil I get around my chin and nose.

My favorite thing though was the eyeliner so imagine my shock and disappointment when the twist bottom didn't work to make more eyeliner come up. I hate when that happens but I've found a fix for that and will show you. But let me tell you that this eyeliner is great. It glides on so nicely and it stayed looking great all day. It's a gel eyeliner and it dries down and didn't smudge at all. 

So if you buy an eyeliner with a twist up bottom and when you twist it, nothing happens, don't throw it away. Instead take a serrated knife and cut off the end right above the twist cap on the bottom. Get several small pieces of paper towel or tissue, and one of the plastic cocktail toothpicks. 

Once you cut off the end, you will see that it's hollow in the middle and inside the hollow part is the actual eyeliner. Take one small piece of paper towel at a time and place it over the end, take the plastic toothpick (mine is yellow) and slowly push the paper towel piece down inside the hole. Some of the eyeliner may come up through the side but that's ok, just wipe it away and push another piece of paper towel down the hole. You may have to do this 4 or 5 times until you see the eyeliner at the other end start to come out. I've had this happen with the more expensive brands as well and found this will work for those too. 

The eyeliner works just fine now and I don't have to throw it away because the twist knob on the bottom didn't work.

So some of the makeup worked for me and some of it didn't but for the price I don't mind trying it out to see what works and what doesn't. Have you heard of Miss A before?