Thursday, August 05, 2021

Answering Your Questions

So each week on my Sunday posts I get a few questions that I thought I would go ahead and answer here. 

So the biggest question I've been asked is, "Why don't you just move?"
Answer: I've looked for affordable apartments and can't find anything as cheap as this place. I'm still looking though.

Question: "Why don't you call the police on the drug dealer?"
Answer: He's been raided, busted, arrested several times and he's always out within a couple of days. Calling the police doesn't always help. 

Question: "Does the apartment manger do anything about the people causing problems?"
Answer: NO. We haven't had an onsite manager since February of 2020. I have an email but they don't care about anything as long as people are paying their rent. I've complained about drug dealer and have been told they can't do anything for me to call the police. And you already know how well that helps. 

Question: "The needles look like insulin syringes. Do they use those for drugs too?"
Answer: Yes, they do unfortunately. I've watched one guy in the bushes using one of those needles to shoot up. 

Question: "Do these people ever sleep?"
Answer: Apparently not. Falcor has a very sensitive stomach and frequently has to go out at 3 am so I see people out at all kinds of hours. I know a few people around here do coke and meth and stay up for days at a time. 

Question: "How can the homeless afford the drugs?"
Answer: I see them panhandling in the parking lot where there's a McDonalds, Del Taco and a bunch of little shops. They get money that way. I assume that some of the women are prostituting themselves out in the drug apartment seeing how I see naked women coming out of that apartment on occasion.

And on Instagram someone asked how to get The Daily Goodie Boxes. The easiest way is to go to their FB page and comment on their posts. They give away a lot of boxes each day. 

Question: "Has it always been this rough in the neighborhood the whole time you've lived there OR did it slowly evolve?"
Answer: It was nice when we first here. Lots of families and it was quiet. Over time it's gotten bad and a lot of druggies, drug dealers and homeless people have moved around here.

Question: "Do you see other litter, like food wrappers?"
Answer: Yes, the homeless and drug addicts around here leave a big mess where ever they seem to congregate. 

Here's a couple of pictures to show you what I mean. These are two electrical boxes of some kind. The homeless people sleep here a lot of times because there's heat coming from the boxes. In the Winter time they can stay warm here. On this day there was clothes, food wrappers, and signs they had made to panhandle. That building right behind the block wall is my apartment complex. The sidewalk on the right is where I walk Falcor. There are two more electrical boxes across the street on the other side of my apartment building and more homeless stay there. So it doesn't matter which way I walk, the homeless and druggies are all over the place but I don't usually have any problems with any of them. 

These are the same boxes but from another angel and you can see the sidewalk on the left where I walk Falcor. The area around the electrical boxes usually gets cleaned up either by the porter for my apartment complex or by people who work at Cal Ranch since this is technically part of their parking lot. That fenced in place you see on the far left is where Cal Ranch keep the bigger things and large palettes of things that I guess don't fit in their store room.

So there's a few of your questions answered.