Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Book Review: A Prime's Passion by Shiloh Walker


Book Description

Eyes down, little wolf. 

In her world, the strong were broken young or they didn’t survive. Eyes down, little wolf, Zee’s father would say. You aren’t strong enough yet.

Zennia Day kept her eyes down and stayed quiet, knowing that one day, she’d escape.

When her chance comes, she finds herself on a road that takes her far from Massachusetts, all the way to North Carolina.

She has her eyes on the future…until she meets Niko, a dominant Therian male and future Prime. When she looks at him, instead of a challenge for dominance, Zee sees a promise of forever.

Niko charmed her, teased her…and stole her heart. Mere days later, after making a public, permanent claim, he crushed that same heart in his fist, tossing her aside in front of the entire world and casting her out of pack lands.

Ten years later, she's an outcast, living  far from her own when she gets word her father is dying.

She can do nothing—she was banned. Violating Niko’s order was to court punishment, even if it was just to tell her father good-bye.

“Day is dying.”

The blunt words almost had him on his knees until Niko realized his second-in-command wasn’t talking about Zee, but her father.

No Therian is ever left to die alone, so Niko sent orders the Day family to come home.

Niko is unprepared for Zee’s message. I have no pack. I have no home.

The words leave him shattered.

Realizing what he’d done in his rage, Niko pushes harder for answers. It doesn’t take long to discover that what he’d heard a decade earlier had been based on lies. Because of those lies, he’d thrown away the love of his life.

Zee’s been paying the price ever since.

Now he must mend a heart he’d broken...and convince her to give him one more chance.

My Review

Zee left her pack after the Prime's son rejected her. But she's made a life for herself with the Mer people and is content with her life. 

Niko did a bad thing when he rejected the love of his life and she left the pack. Now he's looking for answers to questions and realizing that he made a horrible mistake years earlier. 

In the world this author has created, humans and preternaturals or preterns all live together in a sort of peace, although not everyone is happy about it. There had been a war between the preterns and humans and now there was a kind of peace between them. Niko goes to get Zee because her father was dying but what he finds is a broken shell of what she once was because of having no contact with her pack. He realizes that he acted rashly because of a misunderstanding but it's going to take more than sorry for her to trust him again. 

For ten years Niko had thought that Zee was with her old pack and was fine but turns out she's not had that at all and was far from alright. Without the pack to give her the physical touches a wolf shifter needed, she's actually in physical pain from lack of physical touch. Niko thought she had moved on maybe with another wolf but because of a misunderstanding, no other wolf would touch her because she was off limits. So when Niko shows up where she's made a life for herself with the Mer people, he's not met with open arms. Right away her friends have her back and let her know they will throw him off their land if she wishes it. But Zee doesn't want to cause problems between Niko who is Prime now and her friends or their people so after a bit of talking with him, she goes back to his pack for the funeral and wake for her father. 

Because Zee is so touch starved and Niko has made it obvious he still wants her to be his mate, they end up together. Her excuse is so that she isn't so on edge and in pain when she's around his pack but they both wanted to be together. While they're trying to deal with the past, trust issues and them being mates...there's also a group of humans trying to kill them off. When one of the pack gets shot, Zee finds a way to tap into her other half and get help. Zee isn't just a wolf shifter, she's something more and it was great to watcher her start to figure out what that meant. There's a lot more to Zee than even she thought. 

I liked how they found out who was behind the attempts on their lives and what the group had planned. 

Watching the pack not know what to do with her now that she's back but when Zee finally shows how strong she is, some of the pack respect her show of strength. Niko and Zee were really great, it's just sad that it took so long for them to get back together but I do love a second chance romance and this was such a good one. 

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. 

Disclosure: I was given a copy of this book via NetGalley but all thoughts and opinions are my own.