Thursday, September 03, 2015

Product Review: Book Light by Common Sense Goods

Product Description

Your search for the perfect book light is over! Purchase today, and here's what you can look forward to..

-We keep hearing.. "it's is the best reading light I've ever owned". Lightweight and durable seems that folks just can't help giving 5 star reviews for our book lights!

-It's the perfect light for reading in bed and not waking your partner. The LED light entirely illuminates both pages without disturbing your husband or wife.

-Why weight down your book with bulky AA batteries? Our ultra light Lithium batteries make this task light virtually weightless, allowing you to read longer into the night without tired arms.

The biggest question you may be asking is-How can this reading light so much better than other, more expensive book lights? It's because we took the time to research and design the ideal light. We asked our testers what was most important to them, and the resounding answer was "light and affordable."

So we stripped off all the unnecessary extras, like the 'never used' 2nd light and heavy 'book sagging' AA batteries. Plus, we also designed the clip so that it fits neatly between the pages AND added our non-slip strips to ensure that it won't wiggle or fall off! Resulting in..the best book light available today!

Perhaps it's this attention to detail that separates us from all other competitors! Most importantly though, is the customer service you'll get when you place your order today. We pride ourselves in offering world class customer service for our premium goods. So buy one today, risk free, and if you're not thrilled with your purchase, we'll replace it or return your money, no questions asked, promise.

My Review

There have been times when I've been in dimly lit rooms and wanted to read one of my books but couldn't because the room only had one small dim light in it. This would have been perfect for those times. It came with the battery already installed so all I had to do was turn it on and use it.

I tried it out on a book and it clips very easily to a paper back or a hard cover book and it stays where you put it. 

There were a couple of things I found that could be fixed. First the switch easily turns on so if you have this in your pocket or purse and its in the pouch and the switch gets bumped, it might turn on which will run the battery down. There's only one led light so while it does light up the page, one spot is more lit than the rest of the page.

The other thing is that the little black pouch it came in is just a little too small. It's hard to get this book light in and out of the pouch and I had to be very careful to make sure the switch didn't accidentally get switched on while putting it in the pouch. The pouch needs to be a little bigger to make it easier to get this book light in and out of it. 

Disclaimer: I was given this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. 

I give this book light 3 out of 5 stars.