Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Book Review: Tempted By Fate by Cynthia Eden


Book Description

You can’t cheat Fate…and for the record, she really doesn’t like it when you betray her, either.

Leo is used to having power. After all, he carries the title Lord of the Light for a reason—he’s a supernatural powerhouse and his job is protect all of the “light” paranormals in the world. He’s used to snapping his fingers and getting anything—or anyone—he wants. But when he fell for Fate, Leo learned that power didn’t get a man everything. In fact, it didn’t even get him the one woman he wanted most…

Fate…AKA Mora (that’s the name she prefers to use—a lot less weighty on her shoulders) has spent centuries hiding from her supernatural ex-lover Leo. Most people fear Leo and rightly so. He’s got immense power and a definite date with an unfortunate end-of-the-world calamity. When Leo seduced Mora and promised to put the world at her feet, she actually thought the guy had fallen for her. Too late, she discovered he was just using her in an attempt to change his destiny.

And Leo’s destiny? It’s not pretty. Some very, very bad things are coming for him. Mora shouldn’t care about the danger he faces. She should turn her back on her ex. His heart is ice cold, she knows that, but her own heart…it’s still a little weak where Leo is concerned.

Leo has tried to walk on the side of good for a long time…but his sins are coming back to haunt him. A darkness is trying to consume him, and if Mora can’t help him…then it’s not just Leo who will pay the price for his past. The whole world will change.

You think you know the Lord of the Light? Think again.

My Review

Mora (Fate) has been hiding from Leo after he left her heartbroken but even worst, he left her in danger. So she's been cloaked against him being able to find her for centuries because she doesn't trust him and doesn't want to see him again. She has a bar called Resurrection and is happy with her life for the most part. So when Leo finds her, she's shocked and not happy about it but there's something different about Leo and he wants to prove to her that he loves her and wants her back. 

Leo has spent centuries trying to find the only woman he's ever truly loved. The fact that he's been without her for centuries has taken a toll on him. Leo is the lord of the light and he has a twin brother, Luke who is the lord of the dark and they know their fate is to fight to the death at some point. Leo wants Mora to scry his future again and find out if anything has changed because he doesn't want to fight his brother. 

 When Mora finds herself in danger again and Leo finally is told what all happened to her the last time he left, he's so shocked and sick about it that I thought he was going to flip out. He has a dragon inside him that he hardly ever let's out because when he let's go that much he's capable of really hurting or killing people and he doesn't want to do that. 

Mora ends up giving Leo a second chance and we see Luke and Leo actually getting along somewhat. As the story nears the end we find out that someone has been betraying Leo for a really long time and we find out why. The twists at the end of this book really set this up for a great ending. I don't want to go into too much detail because I don't want to give too much away but this was a great book. 

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.