Thursday, June 09, 2016

Product Review: Snack Gift Party Bundle Care Package 50 Count by Food Hot Issue

Product Description

PARTY SNACKS: The party snack Box by Food Hot Issue is a collection of 50 individually wrapped single serve snacks.

This Party Snack Box includes a flavorful snacks that everyone will love.

PERFECT GIFT FOR ANYONE: Ideal care package for military bases, college care package, get-well-soon care package, birthday.

BEAUTIFULLY PACKAGED: Expertly packed with care in our Food Hot Issue gift box, FAST SHIPPING!

My Review

There were 50 single serve snacks in this box and everything was fresh and packaged securely. There was everything from Oreo cookies, Cheez It crackers to Welch's Fruit snacks and Skittles. There was something for everyone and a nice assortment of different snacks in the box. 

My only problem with the snacks in this box was some of the snacks were really small, tiny even. And the fact that I had 6 packs of cheese flavored sunflower seeds in my box which was the most of anything and probably the cheapest of all the snack pouches, the price of 30 cents is right on the package. The Haribo gummi bears were mini gummi bears and in the smallest package I've ever seen. 

The Twizzler was one single Twizzler which I don't consider that a snack size since it's so small. Now while some of the packages were regular size and everything was fresh and tasted good, it felt a bit of a rip off to have so many tiny packs that counted as 1 of the 50 snacks provided in this box for the price of $19.99

So while I think this would be nice to send to someone as a care pack, I don't see myself buying this again for myself. If you'd like to purchase this, you can find it here

I give this care package box 3 out of 5 stars.