Sunday, November 22, 2015

Walking The Dog

Next to my apartment complex is the Bonanza Trail. It was just finished about 4 years ago. The Bonanza Trail is a six-mile trail that runs along Summerlin Parkway and U.S. 95. And I like that there's this walkway to walk the dog that isn't far away. 

That large wall you see is a sound wall to keep the noise from the I95 freeway from disturbing the neighbors that live right next to it. I can tell you right now that it really doesn't block out much. Before they put the wall up a few years ago, the only thing separating the freeway from us on this side was a metal fence. It's a very tall wall though.

There are signs along the trail like this little green one that say, Bonanza Trail so you know this is the trail if you are walking or biking it. But as you can see the apartment complex is right next to the trail, sound wall and freeway. 

If you aren't used to the desert landscaping, you might be asking why are there rocks where the grass should be. Well that's because we have a water shortage here in the desert and most people here don't have grass. Most places where you would see grass in other parts of the US, you see rocks or sand here. It's called desert landscaping and it's used to help conserve water. 

As you can see we do have some big Pine tree's in my courtyard. But they don't require much water and I like them because I can find pine cones on the ground this time of year if I want some for crafts. 

But these green metal tree's were installed to beautify the Bonanza Trail. There are quite a few of them just within walking distance from my apartment. Frankly I think they are kinda strange.

I don't even know what the hell this one is supposed to be. But people already tagged it with some spray paint. 

Falcor likes going for a walk over here though. 

There's always something for him to look at because there was so many apartments down the street and people are always out. And as you can see, I'm getting out a little bit more. I still suffer from Agoraphobia and don't go out much but I do take Falcor for a walk over here and he likes it.