Monday, November 11, 2013

Have You Started Your Holiday Shopping Yet?

ViewSonic 8-Inch Digital Photo Frame

I have started getting some things already. Actually I started buying things about 4 months ago because if I don't, I'll never be able to afford to get some things. So I do a little bit of shopping each month that I can. I bought this for my dad. I have no idea what to get for the man but he likes pictures of his great grand kids and of the rest of us, so I figured this might be a good gift. 

I have yet to download the pictures to the darn thing, I still have to do that because my dad doesn't have a computer, wouldn't know how to use one and has no use for them frankly. He's 80 years old so I guess I can understand that. 

I also bought him a table book on the Golden Gate Bridge because he is obsessed with that bridge for some reason. He just loves pictures of that bridge. I bought him a clock with the golden gate bridge on it last year for his birthday and he loved it. 

The reason I'm only talking about what I got my dad is he's the only person I know that doesn't have a computer and can't look online at this post to see what I've bought. lol 

So have you started shopping yet? When do you start Christmas shopping? I would start in January but Ken thinks that a bit soon. LOL