Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Review: Alien Protector: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance by Sue Mercury


Book Description

The little human is his perfect mate.
She just doesn't know it yet.

When Deza rescues a human female in peril, it's love at first sight and he immediately announces his desire to mate with her. The only problem? Annika refuses to mate with an alien she's only known for five seconds. Not easily deterred, he sets about wooing the adorable little human, eager to win her affections and finally claim her as his mate.

Annika plans to return to Earth ASAP and can't allow herself to develop feelings for the hunky Vaxxlian who saved her life...even if he is the hottest, kindest, and dreamiest alien male she's ever met. Despite her hesitation, his kisses make her melt and his arms are the sweetest refuge. When he makes a heartfelt gesture on Christmas Day to cheer her up, she starts to wonder if maybe, just maybe, mating with Deza isn't the most impulsive idea in the universe...

My Review

Annika left Earth in order to find a cure for the illness her sister had but the pilot of the ship she was on got sick, landed on an alien planet and then died. She's been stranded on the planet since then but the aliens have been nice to her for the most part. 

Deza is in search of a mate after his planet and most of his people were destroyed by an evil alien race. He and his brother's vowed to find mates and come back to their new world to try and rebuild their people and have families. Humans are compatible with their race so when he learns there's a human on a planet not far away, he goes to see her. He knows right away that he wants her for a mate but all she wants is to go home. 

When Annika is out in the woods looking for a tree to chop down for Christmas, she doesn't realize at first that Deza is out there with her making sure she is safe. When a powerful storm quickly rolls in and puts Annika in danger, Deza steps in and helps keep her safe. He knows what he wants but he has to convince Annika that she would be happy with him. When he tells her that he is willing to let her contact her parents from his ship and make the several week journey to take her home to Earth if she is willing to get to know him and give him a chance, she agrees. 

Watching them get to know one another was so sweet. Deza is such a big, sexy romantic alien and does whatever it takes to show her that she could be happy with him. I was rooting for them the whole time. The ending really made me smile because it was just perfect. This was a quick novella with just 69 pages but it was full of so much story that I felt like I had just read a longer book. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.