Thursday, October 20, 2005

I spent most of the day with my mom and took her out to lunch. She asked me to come over cause her neighbor wanted her to rat-sit her 2 rats while she went to New Mexico for 2 weeks. But my mom wouldnt do it. She kept thinking that they were going to bite her when she put her hand in their cage to feed them, but she tolf her she thought I might watch them for her while she was gone. I jumped at the chance to watch her little babies. OMG they are sooo cute. One is all white and has pink eyes. The other is black and white and has black eyes. they are only about a year old and playful as all get out. I had them on the couch with me a little while ago and they just love to run and dive into the couch cishions chasing each other and then sprint over to me and jump on me while rolling around on each other. They were running all over the place. It was so funny. You do realize that as soon as they are gone back to their mommy, I am going to have to go out and get me a couple of new babies. lol That is if my husband will stop saying he's going to move out if I get another cage. LOL