Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Test Results= Diabetes

Recently I found a doctor that would come out to my home and see me. They even have the lab come out to my home and collect blood for blood tests. I hadn't seen a doctor in 4 years because I have Agoraphobia and have a really hard time leaving my home. So when I started having symptoms of diabetes, I knew I needed to find a doctor to see and find out if I indeed had a problem. 

A couple of weeks ago, my doctor came back out to see me and told me that I do indeed have type 2 diabetes. I kinda already knew that, or at least guessed I might. 

So I've been told to cut out bread, rice, potatoes and sugar. I started off slowly and cut out all of the potatoes and rice and am now cutting my intake of sugar and bread in half. I switched to several different sugar substitutes or I should say I am trying out a few to see which one I like. 

Thankfully I don't have to give myself shots. I just have to take a couple of pills each day. Metformin is a medicine that helps control diabetes so we are trying that out for now to see if that helps. 

For those of you that know the numbers, my fasting blood glucose was 152 and my A1C was 8.2 and my doctor wants my fasting morning blood glucose to be under 120. So that's my goal right now. 

I've had a blood glucose meter for about 15 years because I was diagnosed with low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). The meter I had was 15 years old so the doc told me to get a new one. I looked online and found that CVS had one for $17.99 and the test strips are only $6.99 for 50 of them. That is a whole lot cheaper than what I used to pay for them. Last time I paid for test strips using a brand name meter and getting brand name test strips I paid $50 for 100 of them. My insurance wouldn't pay for them even thought my doc had written me a prescription for them because I didn't have diabetes. But the new ones I found are even cheaper than what my insurance would pay for since my co pay would be $6 for 50 of them and this way I don't have to worry about getting a prescription for them, I can just order them online. 

So you might be seeing more vegetable type recipes as I try them out to replace the rice and potatoes that we used to have with dinner. I've been trying out a lot of new recipes. lol