Saturday, February 15, 2020

Review: Passion Surge by Cynthia Sax

Book Description

This cyborg never expected to become an instant father.
Surge is fascinated with newly manufactured offspring. He has studied them extensively, was one of the few medics present when the very first freeborn cyborg entered the universe.

He's currently assigned to a battle station with an all-male crew. The probability of tending to an offspring is a dismal 0.0000 percent.

That changes when an unknown ship ventures into the sector they're protecting.
Nu is an extremely exhausted single mom with a fussy newborn daughter. She has no time or energy for anyone or anything else. That includes a cyborg medic with gentle hands, brilliant blue eyes, and a voice deeper than space.

He claims she's his female, the one being genetically designed for him. She has heard those types of declarations in the past.

Only a warrior without equal--and some much-needed rest--would prompt this universe-weary mom to believe in romantic love again.

Passion Surge is a short, light, companion story in the Cyborg Space Exploration series and is meant to be read after Doc's Orders.

It is also a BBW Cyborg SciFi Romance featuring a medic cyborg, an extremely exhausted single mom, and the adorable little reason for her lack of sleep.

My Review

Surge is a medic cyborg working on a ship when his ship comes across another ship about to cross into cyborg territory. The female on the ship was trying to quiet a baby but wasn't having an easy time of it. Surge realizes as soon as he see's her that she is his mate and makes plans to help her. 

She's been lied to by her baby's father so she isn't quick to trust Surge. So Surge goes about showing her that he means to stay with her and not leave her like the last guy and slowly Nu comes to trust him. Surge is happy to have found Nu and her baby because now she is his mate and he has a daughter to care for. The other cyborg's on his ship are looking for their mates but they may never find them. So when a cyborg does find his female, it's a special occasion. 

I loved the other cyborg's, they were so happy for Surge and welcomed Nu and the baby with open arms. It was so touching to see how happy they were around the baby. 

While this was a really quick read, just 72 pages, it was a sweet romance that touched my heart. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.