Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's Day Crafts: Half Heart Mice

Here's another Valentine's Day craft that you can easily do with kids or by yourself if you just want some homemade Valentine's decorations. You will need colored construction paper, black pen, glue and scissors. Start by drawing and cutting out a medium size heart in a sheet of colored construction paper. Then cut that heart in half right down the center of the heart. The flat part of the heart will be the bottom of your mouse. 

Cut a small white circle and glue it on for the nose, draw on a black eye cut and glue a small half circle for an ear. Cut out a wiggly line for a tail and glue it on the back and you have a little mouse. 

This is an easy craft to do with small kids because they aren't a lot of steps involved, it's a really easy craft to make.