Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Product Review: 2 Pcs Dog Gear Chew Toys

Product Description

- Adorable 
- Molar good partner 
- Convenient cleaning 
- Solid bite-resistant safe 
- Long lasting dog toy 
- Promotes healthy teeth and gums 

This toy is made from Rubber, which is a kind of natural material. Dyes are made from edible pigments, so it is very safe for your pets. Dogs love to bite this toy. With this toy, dogs may lose interest of owners' shoes. This toy can not only help the pet molar, but also help the pet to vent emotions. Please note the size when you buy this product, so as not to bring you trouble. Note: When your dog bites the toy, some debris may fall, which is normal. 

Falcor had fun with the toy for about 3 hours, then he pulled it apart. 

Falcor pulled the red end off and chewed bits of rubber off the purple disc. It's bad enough that the toy didn't last even a day but what was worst was that after I posted my review on Amazon, the seller emailed me and said they would send me a refund if I would change my review to a positive one instead of a negative one. They also pointed out that in the description of the top it states: "Note: When your dog bites the toy, some debris may fall, which is normal." I'm sorry but it's not 'debris', it's part of the toy that a dog can chew and swallow, meaning it's not made well.

 I didn't respond to the email and left my review as is. Now even though I got this at a discount, the rules on the site that I got the discount code from says that we are to leave honest reviews and that's what I do. If I like a product or dislike it, I say so and why. I let the site know and sent them a screen shot of the email they sent me so hopefully they won't be able to sell on that site anymore. 

My Review

I've had my dog for about a year now and even though he's small and weighs only about 10 lbs, he is a chewer. Luckily he only chews on his toys...and shoes. So we keep the shoes up and make sure that he has plenty of toys to play with and chew on. I don't buy him stuffed toys because those are destroyed in about an hour. So when I saw this toy, I thought he might not be able to chew it to bits in an hour because it looks tough but I was wrong.

My dog was able to pull the little nubs off of the gear looking pieces in about an hour and then he tore one of the red ends off the toy about 2 hours later. The toy is made of soft rubber that a dog can easily tear to bits which my dog started to do before I took it away from him because I didn't want him to swallow any of the small parts he was tearing off and get sick from them. If you have a dog that likes to chew, this is not the right toy to get. I cannot recommend this toy. You can find this toy here

I give this dog toy 2 out of 5 stars.

Disclosure: I was given this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review.