Saturday, November 07, 2015

Review: Japan Candy Box

So a couple of months ago I decided to order a 3 month subscription of Japan Candy Box so I could give some of the candy to my son in law and daughter for Christmas. They both really like Anime and candy and I thought that getting some genuine Japanese candy would be interesting for them. Last month's box was a dud for me but they might like some of the candy that was in it. This month I got the box I bought plus the box I won! So I received 2 boxes this month. 

When you open it, there's a card and cute tissue paper. 

This is what was in this month's box. These boxes are $20 a piece so I really don't think they are worth it for that much money. I'm going to share some of the candy that I did like. 

This lollipop tasted like orange or peach. Or maybe something in between. It wasn't bad at all. 

These were grape gumballs and they were pretty good. 

My favorite though were these strawberry chocolate candies. 

So while I think that $20 per box is kinda high priced, this is a unique treat for someone who likes Japan or wants to try genuine Japanese candy. I think my daughter and son in law will appreciate this as an add on gift to their Christmas Baskets this year.