Thursday, May 16, 2019

Review: L'Oreal Age Perfect Rosy Tone Moisturizer and Eye Cream

A couple of weeks ago I received a free full size jar of L'Oreal Age Perfect Rosy Tone Moisturizer and Eye Cream to try from Influenster and give my thoughts on. I've been using it everyday under my makeup for the past couple of weeks. 

On the L'Oreal website it says this about the moisturizer, "Renew and Revive a Blushed Rosy Tone From Within. Skin Feels Smoother, Looks Rejuvenated. Skin is Hydrated and Has a Healthy Blush.
As skin matures, its ability to renew surface cells slows down. As a result, skin's natural pink tone is hidden and complexion becomes dull, losing its natural rosy tone of youth. Age Perfect Cell Renewal* Rosy Tone Moisturizer is a universally-flattering daily moisturizing cream enhanced with rosy pigments to instantly revive skin’s rosy tone. This tinted moisturizer for mature skin is powerfully formulated with Imperial Peony Extracts and LHA to gently exfoliate dull, sallow skin and stimulate surface cell renewal every day to revive skin’s natural rosy tone. The Result: smooth & renewed skin with a healthy and rosy complexion, immediately and over time. 

*Based on skin surface cell turnover"

Now I will say that my face does look a little pinker but my skin is a little red anyways. My skin does feel smoother and softer though. I will say that for sure. It hasn't broke my skin out or irritated it in any way and it didn't adversely effect my makeup in anyway. So it's easily worn under the makeup I wear. I think this is a great moisturizer and I'll keep using it until it's gone. I don't know if I would buy these products for myself since each one will cost you $24.99, at least when I looked them up online that was the prices I found. But I will use them while I have them.

On the L'Oreal website it says this about the eye brightener cream, "Anti-aging eye brightener to visibly color correct dark circles. Best for mature, dull skin.

This anti-aging eye cream has a unique whipped texture that instantly blurs to help visibly correct dark circles. Formulated with Imperial Peony, it reduces the look of dark circles, visibly brightens skin around the eye area and provides an overall healthier, younger looking complexion. Immediately eye area looks smoother, brighter, more awake. Dark circles appear diminished. Paraben Free. Mineral Oil Free. Non-Sticky. Dermatologist and Ophthalmologist tested for safety. Suitable for sensitive skin."

I really like the eye cream. It disappears into the skin really fast and leaves almost a powder like finish which really helps when adding foundation, concealer and powder on top of it. My makeup even looked better I think when I used this. I like the pink tone it gave my face even when I wasn't wearing makeup. I really didn't see it help with the dark circles though. Did it make my skin softer though? Yes it did. I think it's a great moisturizer for under the eyes and it has a really pleasant scent to both of them.

So while I didn't see either of them changing anything about my skin, they are good moisturizers and leave my skin feeling soft and they smell good.