Thursday, September 17, 2015

Does Your Mouth Itch After Eating Fruit?

If your mouth or lips itch or tingle after eating certain fruits, you should read this article that explains why. I've known for a long time that it was a slight allergic reaction because I asked my doctor about it a few years ago and he told me. I have that reaction to avocado's, banana's and melon's. I've been tested and I'm allergic to Ragweed so the chart on that article I had you read is right. 

Most people will just avoid those foods that make their mouths itch but I like fruit too much to let a little itch for a few minutes stop me from eating a banana or having a slice of cantaloupe. I also have another food allergy that is a bit more problematic. I wrote about it in this blog post a few years ago. I'm allergic to raw shrimp. I can't peel them without wearing latex gloves because I'll break out in blisters if I touch raw shrimp. But once it's cooked, I'm fine.

So does your mouth itch when you eat certain fruits? Have you ever asked your doctor about this? Did you know it was a slight allergic reaction?