Thursday, February 27, 2020

Review: A Valentine's Book Coupling by Trinity Blacio and Lia Violet

Book Description

Two Paranormal Valentine’s Day Novellas!

The Cupid Crush by Lia Violet

Librarian Lucy’s teen volunteer group does not want anything red or pink with cute sayings to celebrate love, and she is in total agreement. At their Un-Valentine party, they crush candy hearts with a hammer even while making cards and nice decorations for the Cupid's Dance veteran fundraiser.

Mack is helping remodel the local VFW hall after a fire before a big Valentine’s Day fundraiser, but this is the busy season for him and his Cupid shifter siblings.  When he goes to the library to ask for help for the veterans’ event, Mack is surprised to find that even Cupid can be struck by the arrow.

Cupid Hits the Local VFW by Trinity Blacio

Red Riding had heard it all. At 58, been married with kids and was now widowed. She wasn’t done with life, but she also wanted to make a difference. However, the little weasel at the Volunteer agency’s sick sense of humor really pissed her off, sending her into the local Wolf VFW to help organize a Cupid’s Dance for a bunch of Veteran Wolves.

General Zack Danger had done his duty to his country for over 20 years, trying to forget his mate that had been killed so long ago. Their kids were all grown now, so he spent most of his time at the club, trying to help others after stepping down as Alpha of the pack, now Alpha for the VFW-Wolves International.

My Review

There were two novellas in this book so I'm going to do mini reviews for both of them here. 

The Cupid Crush by Lia Violet

So Cupid is actually a bunch of shifters. Ha! Who knew? So Mack and his siblings are Cupid shifters and they go around throwing arrows at people with their bows which I thought was so darn cute. Lucy and her friends are making decorations for their un-valentine's day party and for the VFW Cupid's Dance Veteran Fundraiser. Mack spots Lucy and it doesn't take long before he knows that she's his mate. She finds out what he is when his wings sprout from his back when he has to save her from danger. Things really take off from there. This was a sweet, quick read. 

Cupid Hits the Local VFW by Trinity Blacio

Red Riding was 58 years old now and widowed with adult kids. She wants to volunteer for something but is caught off guard when the guy at the volunteer agency sends her to volunteer at the local VFW...for retired wolf shifter veterans. I mean, how fun is that! Red Riding and the big bad wolf! Ha! So when Red Riding meets General Zack Danger, he knows right away that she is his mate and gets possessive right away. But Red is no push over for a wolf shifter. There's danger because of some idiot and Zack knows he has to keep Red and her kids safe until the criminal is found. Red could be in real danger so she takes the help and finds that she is more than a little attracted to Zack and can feel the pull of the mate bond between them. This was such a fun novella. I had such a good time with this one. The story premise just made me laugh. Red Riding falls for a wolf shifter. Too fun. 

I give this book 4 out 5 stars. 

Disclosure: I was given an ARC via NetGalley but all thoughts and opinions are my own.