Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Falcor Photobombs My Pictures

When I'm trying to take pictures for the boxes and products I review, Falcor will sometimes stick his head into the picture right at the last second so he photobombs my pictures. You have no idea how many times I've had to take several pictures.

Just trying to take some pictures. 

When he sees that I have the camera out, he will come over to see what I'm doing. He's like a little kid. 

I got this dry erase board a while back an was trying to take pictures of it and he jumped up there as I was taking pictures. 

Ken was fixing the pipes under the sink and Falcor decided to come help. 

I got a box from Green Chef and was trying to take pictures of all that came in the box and he ran over and stood there. 

Upper right hand corner, there he is. He wanted the purple poof. He thought it was a toy.

He sat in front of the Bark Box until I opened it and he was so happy to find toys in it for him. 

He's always so happy when we get a box and he's always so curious about what's inside it. I always show him so he can sniff it and that seems to make him happy.