Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Word Verification Glitch on Blogger

So a few of my readers commented to me that they had to put in the dreaded word verification captcha's even though I turned all that nonsense off, but it still showed up. I looked in the help forums and really found nothing of help but I knew if I visited enough blogs that someone would find the answer and one of my friends over at The Run Around Ranch did.

She said to go into settings and change comments to 'embedded' and that will get rid of the blogger/Google glitch and turn off the word verification. And it worked!

But I noticed in the comments of her blog that someone said another person had written a blog post about fixing this problem so I read it at Fuzzy Tales and she even had pictures as to how to fix the problem.

I hope this helps anyone who was as frustrated as I was with this.

What Happens When I Clean The Rat Cages

I usually hand wash all the smaller items like the hammocks, bunkers, cubes and cotton baby blankets. So when I pulled out the wigwam from Flowers cage, this is what I found. She has totally destroyed it. But I know she likes it so I washed it and will put a baby blanket inside it so she can curl up in it once again. 

I hand washed the baby blankets that I use to line the shelves and add into the cubes because they love having a soft blanket in their cubes that they can snuggle under. 

Flower has several hammocks, cubes, and a pouch she can snuggle into as well as some toys to play with. She destroyed the wooden bird toys I had in her cage so I added some non toxic baby teething rings to her cage and she climbs all over them, hangs upside down and chews on them.

Scribbles was looking at me like, "I really hope you're done messing with my cage now" after I replaced the baby blankets on his shelves. 

He really gave me, "the look." 

While Flower could have cared less as long as she has a Yogie to eat. 

Flower happily stayed on the bottom level of the cage while I changed the blankets and cubes on the upper level and ate her yogie and dumped over the food bowl to find all the good stuff. lol I clean it all up, fill her food bowl and she turns it over and dumps it all over the floor. 

Scribbles stayed in his cube on the upper level of his cage until I was done with the 2 bottom levels and then he came down to see what I had done, sniffing every square inch of the new blankets. 

Flower was happy with her new blankets and new cube and was ready for another treat.