Saturday, June 07, 2014

Cutting Back..

I've decided to cut back on the blog and some other things online for now. So for the time being I'll only be posting on the blog every other day or so for a while.

Marbles isn't doing too well and is needing more care. It breaks my heart but I may need to start thinking about euthanasia. I wanted to give him as much time and love as I can and as long as he keeps eating and drinking, I'm going to try but he has a tumor on his shoulder and he's too old to make it through a surgery to remove it. He's had breathing problems for a long time and wouldn't make it through a surgery.

But he's still hanging in there and loves his pudding, so as long as it looks like he can get some happiness out of this life, that's all I can hope for. 

My little sleepy guy.