Monday, July 12, 2010

Free Coupons

I know I've talked about how I use a lot of coupons when I go shopping each week. I have been getting them right from the manufacturer through the mail, in the newspaper, my sister in law sends me the ones she doesn't use and I also find some online that I can print out. Facebook is a good place to find coupons for free items. Although I really don't like the fact that I have to become a fan/friend/like a company just to get a free coupon or sample. Just let me fill out the damn form, seriously.

But the other day I went into the smiths grocery store that I always go to and tried using my free Libby's can of vegetables coupon that I had printed from the internet. They informed me that they no longer take coupons for free stuff if it's been printed from the internet. They will still take cents off coupons printed form the if I have a .75 off of something and the coupon is printed from the internet they will take that. But not if it's for a free product.

I hear that a lot of different grocery companies are doing this and it makes me mad. If they are going to take any type of cents off coupons that are printed form the internet then they should still take the free coupons as well.

Makes no sense to me, I mean it's not like they don't get their money back for these products.