Saturday, March 09, 2013

Can There Be Too Much Sex In Romance Books?

I was reading a conversation on facebook the other day in which a person was saying they would not read a certain series of books anymore because there's too much sex in them.


Now I've actually heard this a few times about book series like the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series, and some of the other PNR series that have a lot of books to them. I heard some readers saying that they consider all the sex in the romance books to be 'filler' and the books themselves don't have much of a story to them.

Are we reading the same books?

There's always a story going on in the Anita Blake books, the story keeps going throughout all the books and yes, while there is a lot of sex in the books it's part of the storyline. I'm a fan of sex in PNR novels, I think there should be at the very least one good long sex scene in a PNR novel and more if the story calls for it. I started reading romance for the tender love scenes, the touching love stories between the two characters (or three characters in some books). So when did sex in a romance book become a bad thing?

I see it all the time and I don't get it. I actually read one person say that they expect sex scenes in erotica but not in PNR, there should be more substance and story in PNR and less sex. O.o Say What?

Maybe all you sex prudes should start reading YA novels, there's not a lot of sex in those and the little that is there can be easily be read because it's more cute than hot.