Thursday, November 05, 2015

Review: Olay Active Botanicals

I got these two samples of Olay Active Botanicals Lotion and Toner a while back and have been using them every day for about a month. There are three things I want to tell you about these products. The first thing I noticed about them is that they both have the same really nice scent. I can't tell you exactly what the scent is but it makes me think of being in the forest when I smell it. 

The second thing I want to tell you is that the toner hasn't dried my face out at all. it's mild but it does a good job of cleaning my face at the end of the day and in the morning and leaving my skin feeling fresh and clean. The lotion is light and doesn't leave my face feeling sticky, weighed down or shiny. The lotion has actually helped with the dryness problem I was having on my forehead because of the change in weather. I use a moisturizing lotion every day on my face because that's one the the things my mom used to tell me to do and she was right. To keep your face looking young, use moisturizer everyday!

The third thing I want to tell you is that I liked the samples of this product so much that I'll be buying these two products once my samples are gone. 

Have you tried this product? Do you use another Olay product?