Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Favorite Picture of the Week

So when my daughter was little I took her to the Zoo we had here in Las Vegas. We no longer have a Zoo because it got shut down but back then there was a petting zoo part to it where you could buy some got food and go into the goat enclosure and feed the goats. I thought it would be great fun to take my daughter in there and let her feed the goats and pet them. 

Well, that was a great idea!

At first the goats just laid around and she went up to them and they let her pet them. Then after I bought the food and walked into the enclosure the goats got up really fast and charged me. They kept head butting me with their heads which had small hard horns on them because they wanted the food I had. My daughter tried to feed them and they knocked her down and then attacked me. So I threw the rest of the food down and we got out of the enclosure. 

The woman who gave me the food and who I paid to get into the petting part of the zoo was watching the whole thing from her window and she did nothing. I went to the window and told her that there should be a sign telling people that the goats will attack but she just laughed at me. 

We never went back to that zoo and a few years later it was shut down.