Saturday, October 13, 2012

Christmas Card Exchange

I just signed up for the Christmas Card Exchange over at Close Encounters with the Night Kind. Would you like to exchange Christmas cards with new people? Just heard over to their site, sign up for 1 or more cards to exchange and they will email you with the addresses of the people to send cards to. Sounds like fun!

10 Things That Made Me Smile This Month

I've had a pretty good month so far and for me that saying something. So I thought I would share with you the top ten things that made me smile this month.

It has finally cooled off enough that I can put away my shorter sleeve shirts and pull out a few long sleeve shirts. I won't be wearing them until next month but I can pull them out of the closet.

It's cooler in the evenings so not only will our power bill be lower but we can take the window air conditioner out of the bedroom and leave the window open.

My daughter went to the doctor and everything looks good with her pregnancy. I'm excited to see my grandson in a few months.


I preordered this book like 6 months ago, back before it even had a cover image. I love this series and will keep reading it as long as she keeps writing books for it. 

New fall shows. Can you say Vampire Diaries and Supernatural? Oh yes, 

Halloween decorations. My daughter pulled out the boxes and decorated our apartment on the 1st. 

Halloween Candy. Oh now come on, you know you are eating some too. lol 

Horror Movies all month long. I think this is probably my favorite month of the year because there are always some sort of scary movie on at night and I love that, I've been watching them all month long and my daughter has been watching some of the older ones right along with me. 

The smells of Autumn. The candles smell like pumpkin spice or licorice and there are any number of sprays that smell like cinnamon spice, nutmeg, pumpkin pie ect. 


My daughter holding Ares while he eats a piece of a cookie. My two ratty boys always make me smile and they have ever since I brought them home. My daughter loves them both so much and they love her as you can tell. He's a happy camper right there.