Thursday, July 07, 2016

Product Review: His & Her Love Bangle Bracelet Matching Set Titanium Stainless Steel by Parati

Product Description
Honor your romance's unity and eternity with this titanium steel and crystal bracelet, engraving "You are always in my heart".

Create personalize gifts for you, your loved one. Made of stainless steel, forever shiny and wonderful.
1.Bracelet length: 2.28" x 2.55" & 2.04" x 2.4". | 2. Weight: 0.7&1.02 oz. 3.Metal Type: Titanium Stainless Steel. 

Accompanied by a gift box, could be sent as a gift to your loved ones.

My Review

This is a set of 2 bracelets. One for men and one for women. They have an inscription on them that says, "You are always in my heart" and in the center is a small crystal. The men's bracelet is 8 inches and the women's is 7 inches. My husband and I couldn't squeeze either of these bracelets on our wrists. I have a 9 inch wrist and hubby's is bigger so I can't show you what they looked like on either of us because they were too small. 

These bracelets are for people with smaller wrist sizes but they are very pretty and I am going to keep them to give as a gift to someone else because I think I know a couple that these will fit. They come with a nice box so this set of bracelets would also make a great gift for a couple. If you'd like to buy this you can find it here

Disclosure: I was given this product for free in exchange for an honest review. 

I give this product 4 out of 5 stars.