Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Review: Enchant The Night by Amanda Ashley

Book Description

In the arms of a centuries-old vampire, a woman awakens to newfound passion—and magical powers of her own.
Hungarian vampires are born, not made—and can breed with mortal females. Being one of the oldest of his kind, Quill Falconer has honed his skills at hunting just the right kind of prey, which is why his latest victim confounds him. She shouldn’t remember his drinking her blood. And he shouldn’t still be craving more . . .
Callie Hathaway’s life is as normal as it can be after the death of the beloved grandmother who raised her. Until one night, feeling foggy and fatigued, she realizes that a strangely sensual encounter with a dark, handsome man didn’t occur only in her imagination.
As Callie and Quill’s unique connection draws them together, an ancient order of knights seeks Quill’s destruction. Being together puts Callie in mortal danger—until she uncovers a magical family legacy. Side by side they’ll fight for survival, and for each other, as the brotherhood of vampire hunters gather for one final showdown.

My Review

After Quill feed's from Callie and later remembers what happened even though he erased her memory of the event. Quill thinks he has to take drastic measures to make sure she doesn't remember him. Because humans aren't supposed to know about vampires. 

Callie shouldn't have been able to remember the vampire feeding from her after he erased her memory but she does and she doesn't realize that she's now in mortal danger because of it.

There are vampire hunter's called Knights after Quill and when they find him and almost kill him, he has no choice but to ask Callie for help so he can heal. Callie isn't sure if he's using some sort of vampire magic on her to make her feel things so intensely for him but he's not. They are great together, Quill might have thought to kill her but as soon as he gets to know her he knows he could never hurt her. They want to have some kind of life together but it's dangerous because of the Knights that are always after his kind of vampire. Because his kind can father children with human females, the Knights see him as an abomination and want to wipe them all out. 

Callie hadn't known she was a witch because her grandmother, Ava had never told her. Ava was also a witch and had raised Callie after her parents had died but Ava died some time ago and Callie found out all sorts of things about her grandmother when she started going through some of her belongings. When Callie started doing some of the spells and incantations that she found in her grandmother's things, she found it easier and easier to do more spells. Those spells did help her and Quill when the Knights came back around hunting for Quill. 

When they find themselves kidnapped and in real danger, a huge twist is thrown into the story which really changes everything. I loved the twist and how it helped Callie and Quill get themselves out of danger in the long run. This was such a good story. I've read this author's books in the past and I've always liked them and I still do. 

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. 

Disclosure: I was given and ARC of this book via NetGalley but all thoughts and opinions are my own.