Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tv Shows

So lately I've been a little caught up in a show that I never imagined I would be watching or even liking as much as I am. I'm talking about Big Brother. If you've never watched it you probably have no idea what I'm talking about but I'm a little obsessed with this show now. So much so that when a particular contestant was evicted from the house the other day *Frank* I actually started Tweeting to #BB14 about it and saying I was happy Frank was gone. lol

Another show I'm really looking forward to coming back is Vampire Diaries. Elena is now a vampire and I'm wondering how that's going to work out. Frankly I mostly watch the show just to look at Damon *Ian Somerhalder*. The man is gorgeous!

Criminal Minds should also be back soon and this happens to be one of my favorite shows. I love the characters, the acting and the stories that get told on the show. I even like the quirky little nerdy bits.

So those are some of the shows I like, what are some of the shows you are looking forward to watching.