Friday, March 08, 2024

Product Review: Chicken of the Sea Smoked Oysters

I realize today should have been freebie Friday but I received no freebies this week so how about a product review instead. I tried something new so I'll share with you what I tried. You may be aware of the smoked oysters that come in a tin can. They are usually with the sardines, clams, kipper snacks ect. I love smoked oysters and the ones that come in the can are usually around $3. So when my daughter found this pack of smoked oysters at Dollar Tree for $1.25 I was happy to try them. 

There is a lot of oil in the bag and it seemed to me like there were more smoked oysters in the bag than are usually in the can as well. Now if you've tried the smoked oysters that are in the can, you know what they taste like. These tasted just like the ones in the can and I do mean exactly like them. I will be getting these from now on. I know they don't look appetizing but these things are so good. 

Have you tried these?