Sunday, July 24, 2016

Product Review: Portable Pet Carrier Soft Sided Small Animal Carriers Travel Tote Bag

Product Description

Color: Blue Color


1. Size: 39*18*29CM (L*W*H) / 15.3*7*11.4inch (L*W*H)

2. Design for small pets, dogs, cats, rabbits etc, pets up to 5 pounds.

3. Color: Blue, Brown, Pink.

4. Your pet can travel in style when you use this soft-sided, tote-style pet carrier.

5. The zippered top opening makes it easy for you to place your small pet inside when its time to hit the road, and the mesh pockets on either end help you keep your pet's leash, treats, and other supplies close at hand. 

6. You'll make any journey an easy, breezy, and stylish one when you carry your cat, small dog, or other small animal in this top handle pet carrier tote.

Top with solid flap zipped. 

Top so you can see the mesh top under the solid flap. 

The side with the zipper and flap open. 

View from the top. There are also 4 breathing holes inside the carrier. 

Removable pad. 

My Review

This is the first pet carrier for dogs and cats that I've ever had and I thought it would be a bit bigger. I have a small 10lb dog and thought that this would be an excellent thing to have for him just in case, but he's too big for it. The description does say that it's for pets up to 5 pounds, so keep that in mind if you buy this. I think unless you have a very small chihuahua type dog, this isn't going to work for most dogs. It might work for small cats and/or rabbits though. If I get rats, hamsters or other small animals this might work as a carrier for them as well.

It's very sturdy and put together really well. Since this pet carrier is airline approved and will fit under a seat, this is a more reliable way to fly with a pet because I wouldn't want to have my pet go in the cargo hold, I've heard to many horror stories about pets that fly that way. 

 I've also seen people on the city transit bus and as long as they have their pets in an animal carrier they can bring them on the bus. So this could really come in handy if the need arises and it has a nice removable pad on the bottom for easy clean up and to make laying down a little more comfortable for them. 

Disclosure: I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review.