Saturday, April 03, 2021

The Last Warrior by Jennifer Ashley


Book Description

Rhianne, daughter of the powerful Lady Aisling, is in a jam. She’s been imprisoned by an ambitious Fae lord, who is abetted by Rhianne’s ruthless and cruel father.

Her prison door is shattered by an incredibly powerful creature, who in a flash settles into the guise of a handsome man with a warm smile. He tells her his name is Ben and that he’s been sent to be her guide and a protector.

Ben, the last of a warrior race destroyed by the Fae, has lived a thousand years in exile and now has found a place among the Shifters. He’s the caretaker of a sentient house outside New Orleans, and the Shifters turn to him when they’re in dire trouble. Even so, Ben is aware of his aloneness, his people gone forever.

Ben escorts Rhianne to his world to keep her safe. Rhianne is reluctant to trust her fate to him, but she soon finds the human world, the Shifters, and most of all Ben, have captured her fascination, and her heart.

When her own strange powers awaken within her, Ben is the only one she can turn to for help.

But will assisting her put Ben in the most danger he’s ever faced?

My Review

Ben is the last Goblin, his race was wiped out by the fae. He's the caretaker of the sentient house that has made a few appearances in this series. 

Rhianne is the daughter of Lady Aisling who has made an appearance in this series a few times. When she is kidnapped by Walther, she needed help to escape. So her mother sent Ben to help her. But even after she escapes, she's in danger so Ben brings her to the human world and shows her around. 

Ben brings Rhianne to the sentient house because he knows she'll be safe there. No one is getting in that house unless the house wants them to. When the shifters find out that she is there, they come to ask her a favor but it's too dangerous and she declines. Ben and Rhianne spend time together and they get closer and see that maybe they don't have to be lonely anymore. 

But just because they are in the human world doesn't mean that the danger has ended, no the people that want Rhianne decide to come to the human world and make her come back with them. There are a couple of great twists and when Rhianne finds out a couple of things about herself that she didn't know, we get to see it all come together rather explosively. This was a great book and a very good addition to this series. 

This is the 13th book in the Shifters Unbound series and it's definitely one of my favorite series. 

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.