Monday, December 03, 2012

The Funny Things That Rats Do

One of my new boys, Fang...likes to hang on the bars of his his teeth. I didn't know what he was doing actually until I stopped to watch him and saw him hook his top front teeth over a bar, relax his body and go to sleep. That's right, Fang fell asleep hanging from the bar of the cage from his teeth. And he does this all the time. 

He doesn't bite the bars, it's more like he moves his mouth a little bit on the bars until he finds the right spot, then he stops and his little body relaxes and he hangs there...sleeping. Now this is something new to me, I've never seen a rat so this before so I looked at his teeth wondering if something was wrong with them and they were bothering him. Nope, they look fine...nice and yellow, strong and long. 

His eyes are almost closed in this picture and he's just resting his teeth on the bars. I'm finding this fascinating. 

It must be relaxing and comfortable for him to do this, I can't think of another reason why he would do it. He sure is cute though.