Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Book Review: Dark Prince by Callie Rose


Book Description

My new billionaire boss is hot as sin. He also happens to be the devil himself.

And there’s only one thing he wants…


I never meant to get caught stealing a priceless artifact from Lucas Hale, Los Angeles’s most notorious playboy billionaire. And I definitely never expected him to offer me a job as a way to pay off my debt.

But if it keeps me out of jail, I can play the role of assistant to this cocky, gorgeous man. It can’t be that hard, right?

Even if the chemistry between us is so intense that just being in the same room with him makes my blood heat.

Even if I accidentally walk in on him “taking care of himself” during my first week in the office… and I swear I hear him groan my name.

Even if I don’t quite understand how he moves so fast when he saves me from a psycho who tries to attack me on the street.

On second thought, maybe I’m in over my head with this new job. Because I’m starting to get the feeling there’s a lot more to Lucas Hale than meets the eye. A darker, more dangerous side of him than anyone knows.

And the most terrifying part?

That’s the side of him that tempts me.

Dark Prince is a steamy paranormal romance where the villain gets the girl. It's the first book in the Chosen by Lucifer trilogy.

My Review

When I saw that this was book 1 in a trilogy I read some of the reviews to see if this would end in a cliffhanger and some reviews said that it did, so I knew that going in and still decided to read it. The premise was just too much fun not to give it a try. 

Sophia has to get her sister out of a jam that her jerk of an ex put her in. Her sister is innocent of the crime the gang thinks she is responsible for so Sophia goes to the leader gang member to see what she can do to get her sister out of this jam. All she has to do she's told is steal an artifact from a very wealthy man, a man that Sophia met recently when he saved her life. Should be easy to get in to see him then, right? Stealing the artifact, not so much. 

Lucas/Lucifer is a billionaire businessman, he's also a demon, the prince of hell. After he goes against his better judgment and saves Sophia from getting hurt or killed in an accident, he's a little surprised that she comes to see him at work. She thinks she can get away with something that belongs to him but he catches her because she has no idea who he really is. He's so mad that someone tried to steal from him that he almost kills her on the spot but when she tells him she only did it to get her sister out of trouble with some gang members, he tells her he will pay off the gang leader but Sophia has to come work for him as his personal assistant to pay off the debt. It's not like she has a choice. 

Lucas is obsessed with her and doesn't know why and he knows she feels kinda the same way about him. So them working closely together is all it takes before they are acting on their feelings. But when someone close to him betrays him in ways he can hardly believe and puts Sophia in danger, she gets more than an eye full of supernaturals. Good grief, this was so good. The twist this took, the different demons and supernaturals that come out of the woodwork was great. The action, danger, romance and steamy, naughty scenes between these two were great. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this trilogy now. I can't wait to see what happens next. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.