Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Book Review: Submitted by Leann Ryans


Book Description

Ka'vin was a rare omega male. Held in a pleasure house for twelve years, would anyone want him when he was finally rescued?

Scarlett had committed her life to her career, but when the thing she never thought she could have is thrust into her life, can she accept it's okay to take what she wants?

This is set in the world of the Omega Market series but features an alpha female with an omega male instead of the usual MF.

My Review

After spotting that beautiful cover, I really wanted to read this one and I'm glad I did. Ka'vin has lived many years in a pleasure house being treated badly and used like no one should be. When he's finally rescued he thinks things will be different but in this world him being a rare Omega male just means that he's going to be sold off at the Omega Market to an Alpha female if one will even have him after where he's been. 

Scarlett is out with her friends but she doesn't realize they planned to bring her to the Omega Market so she can bid on an Omega Male. Scarlett is an Alpha female which isn't as common as an Alpha male and she's not sure that she wants the commitment of an Omega male since she works and travels a lot for work. 

Ka'vin is hoping that he finds a permanent home with an Alpha female who will treat him better than he's been treated in the past but he's not holding out hope for that. He is in a cage with the other Omega's so the Alpha's can come take a look at what they might be bidding on later. He feels a pull to her and she feels something for him as well but she's not sure that she's going to bid on him, so her friends buy him for her as a present. 

I really liked the female Alpha dynamic instead of the male being the Alpha. Scarlett isn't sure she's what Ka'vin needs or that she'll be enough to keep him happy but he really wants Scarlett to claim him as hers. This was a short, sweet novella and I was happy to see Ka'vin find happiness after being a slave in the pleasure house for such a long time. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.