Thursday, May 27, 2021

Review: Bite Shift by Lena Nazarei


Book Description

Kate Murphy is just a nurse and single mom who wants to slip into her forties quietly, and finally lose those last 10 pounds. After a savage attack during her night shift break, Kate is turned into a vampire to save her. Now, she is thrust into a world that she didn’t know existed; trying to figure out how to keep her new condition secret from work, kids, and her ex-husband without missing a step. It’s funny how the word vampire will make you forget you have a water bill.

Unfortunately, Sorin, the Lord of the city, has sent her on a suicide mission to find the thing that left her for dead before it kills again and he doesn’t take “no, thanks” for an answer. Despite knowing she should despise him, the passion he has ignited inside her is hard to control and she is quickly losing the reasons she shouldn’t give in...especially when he makes it clear that he wants the same thing.

Kate will need to reach inside herself to find the strength that was always there and finally learn...she was never “just” anything.

My Review

Kate is a nurse and has has kids that she takes care of with her ex-husband who is married again to a woman that she gets along with. One night she is viciously attacked outside the hospital while she is taking a break. But a vampire who works at the hospital, Rhys saves her and turns her into a vampire. She would have died otherwise and Rhys didn't want her to die. 

Sorin is the Lord of the city so Rhys brings Kate to see him after she's turned, it's what new vampires have to do. But Sorin is so much more than Kate thought he would be and she is instantly attracted to him. Sorin thinks that Kate is quite interesting as well but Rhys councils her to be wary of him so she tries to deny what she feels for him. 

Sorin gives Rhys and Kate the job of catching the thing that attacked Kate and bring him to Sorin so he can take care of it. They aren't even sure what they are looking for at first but whatever it is, it's been killing woman in the city and they can't let it keep doing that. So even though Kate is a new vampire and Rhys is used to keeping a low profile and staying to himself, he and Kate are on the hunt for a killer. 

But even though Sorin is able to give them the case files of the other women and all the info about them, they have a hard time figuring out who the killer might be. Every time Kate goes to Sorin to give him an update, the heat between them burns bright and they end up falling for each other so fast. She's not sure she can trust him because of who he is but he just keeps trying to win her over. 

There's a doctor at the hospital she works at that knows vampires exist and is trying to find a cure for his own purposes. They become friends even though back when she was a human she thought he was such a jerk. She has friends at work that see the changes in her and are shocked but she has to make up some lies to her ex and her kids to explain why she can no longer go out in the sun and why she's a little different and stressed out now. 

When the killer is revealed I never saw it coming. It was a total shock to me and I love being blindsided like that. He fooled everyone though and was good at doing it because he was a sociopath. When the story about who he actually was back when he was human unfolded, it actually gave me chills. I had goosebumps as I read what this guy had done and wanted to still do. He was a true villain in every sense of the word. Sometimes the bad guy in a story has one or two redeeming qualities...this guy had none.

This was such a good book and it was the first time I've read this author but I can tell you right now, it won't be the last. I found out that this is the author's debut novel and I was surprised because it was really good! I hope she writes more books like this.

I received an e-ARC via NetGalley but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.