Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Book Review: Blood Inferno by H B Jacks

Book Description

He's a ruthless vampire lawyer and my hot-as-hellfire new boss...

Hey, a witch without magic has to make a living somehow. Becoming a lawyer wasn't top of my list, but it'll do.

Enter Vincent Tepesh. Senior partner in Shades Law. Six foot four of dominant smoldering vampire. He's claimed me as his blood mate, but I'm not falling for his dubious charms.

Because there's something going on here at Shades which isn't right. Offices don't just explode, dangerous shadow wraiths who want to kill me don't appear out of nowhere and I know I have to find out the truth, to prove I'm a better lawyer than I am a witch.

And the one person who can help me work all of this out in order to save my soul? You guessed it, my big bad vampire boss, the best lawyer in London. If we work together, we might survive this whole mess.

The final problem? How not to fall for this delicious, dark vampire who I'm pretty certain just sees me as a snack…

Blood Inferno is the first in the Shade and Shadow vampire romance series from HB Jacks, set in contemporary London where bloodsuckers are pitted against the bloodthirsty, love against all the forces of hell and things get very steamy between a stuck up vampire billionaire lawyer and a magic-less witch with something to prove.

No cheating, no cliffhanger and as always a HEA.

My Review

Vincent knows that Mia is his blood mate but he wants nothing to do with her because of a curse and prophecy and had his father leave once he found his own blood mate. Vincent doesn't want anything bad to happen to Mia so he tries to stay away from her but his brother hires her to work for them and he has no choice but to work with her. Even though Mia thinks he's smoking hot, he's also grumpy and doesn't seem to like being around her at first so this sets her on edge around him because she doesn't know why he's so grumpy. 

When her home is blown up, she has no choice but to accept Vincent's help and Mia is reluctant to let him buy her some new things since all of her belongings went up in the fire. She's not sure why he's trying to be nice to her but since he's a vampire, she doesn't trust him right away. But as these two spend more time together, she finds out a lot more about him, even a few secrets. 

A Fae Prince is up to something no good and when they check out a house he wants, they realize there's a lot more going on than they thought. The Prince seems to know a lot more about Mia and her powers than she does and that makes for a very tense meeting between them when he finally reveals what he wants from her and Vincent. There are so many supernatural creatures in this book including Lucifer himself which was quite a twist. 

This book starts off kinda slow for me but the second half of the book was much better so I'm glad I stuck with it and kept reading. 

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.