Monday, June 07, 2010


I was in the grocery store and this lady came up to me and put her hands on my hair. Now she said how pretty and long it was, but that's not the point...some people think they can just come up to you and touch you. I'm not all that comfortable with strangers coming up to me and just running their hands through my's plain damn weird.

Yes, I accept when you have hair down to your butt, you may on occasion catch people looking at it and even once in a while get a compliment and i won't kid you...that's nice. But...I have to draw the line at some strange lady coming up behind me, running her hand through my hair and telling me it's nice.

Just as I thought it was weird for someone to think they had the right to touch my belly when I was pregnant...which I think is totally inappropriate by the way.

I won't lie, I have on occasion seen a tattoo on a guy and thought damn...he's totally hot, i would love to rub my hands all over him..yum! But!...I didn't just go up to said strange man and run my hands down his arms telling him how much I liked his, I know that would be inappropriate. Why can't other people see this?

You want to compliment it. By all means do it. But don't touch their pregnant belly, run your hands through their hair, sniff their neck because you like their perfume or touch their tattoo....that's a no no.