Sunday, February 02, 2014

How *Not* To BBQ

So while my brother was in town we decided to BBQ some steaks. When there are two males trying to do it, this is how it goes...

Add a little bit of charcoal. Start fire. 

Fire isn't big enough, add more coals. Make big fire!

Still not enough, add enough charcoal to make a forest fire!

Accidentally drop some charcoal on the ground and around the bbq.

Pick up lost charcoal and add to fire.

Whoa, I made fire!

Find more dropped charcoal and add to fire.

Oh hell, it's hot. Must be careful.

Man make fire!

My brother thinks my husband didn't add enough coals and the fire isn't big enough. 

Oh hey, you dropped some charcoal. 

I'll just add it to the fire.

Oops here's a few more dropped make fire bigger!

Now men stand around and talk about the fire they made and stare into said fire.

And finally start cooking the damn steaks. 

Looks at us, we're cooking! Yes, yes they deserve a medal for bbqing the steaks. *eye roll*

I even took a little video of my brother and Ken starting the bbq. My brother is the "fire, fire fire" guy. LOL

My Grandson's 1st Birthday!

Logan's birthday went well and he had a great time. I thought I would share some of the pictures with you. He was more interested in my camera than his presents. lol 

Until he saw one of the toys inside the wrapping paper. 

My brother was playing with Logan's big blue dog. 

My brother with Logan.

Logan and grandpa.

I think this is my favorite picture.

"Mommy, gimme cake now!"

He very much enjoyed his cake.

And made a complete mess. Bu the time he was done he had it all over him. 

I took a little video of it.