Saturday, May 07, 2016

Product Review: Expedition First Aid Kit by I GO

Product Description

The Complete First Aid Kit 
The focus of most first aid kit companies is packing as many cheap pieces in as possible. The Complete First Aid Kit is focused on giving the widest variety of products and having quantities for each that will work in harmony. This kit is a great addition to any home, office or car as it contains such a comprehensive set of supplies. Buying this kit also comes with access to a website that gives instructions for using every part of the kit making preparation easy and convenient.

List of Contents: 

1 First Aid Guide 
1 Scissors 9cm 
1 Tweezer 12.5cm 
1 Pair of vinyl gloves (L) 
1 Mini Rescue Howler Whistle 
1 Mini Rescue Howler Whistle 
3 Sting relief pads 
6 Antiseptic towelettes 
14 Alcohol prep pads 
1 Triangular bandage with 2 pins 
1 5" x 9" combine dressing 
20 3/8" x 1 1/2" bandages 
10 Adhesive Bandages 76x25mm 
10 Butterfly bandages 
1 Knuckle bandage 
2 Dressing, Non-Adherent, Sterile, 2 x 3 inches 
2pcs 4" x 4" sterile gauze pad 2pcs/pack 
2pcs 3" x 3" sterile gauze pads 2pcs/pack 
4 2" x 2" sterile gauze pads 
1 Elastic Bandage 5cmx4.5m 
1 Adhesive Tape 1.25cmx5m 
1 Carabiner 
1 Content card 
1 EVA first aid bag 15x11x6.0cm

My Review

The carrying case is hard sided which makes it nice for storing in a car, boat, tackle box or backpack. You don't have to worry about the contents getting crushed inside a backpack or suitcase because the carrying case is hard sided and will stand up to some abuse. 

On the inside there's a zippered side and a pocket on the other side so that the things in it don't just tumble around inside the case. This is a nice starter first aid kit or a small kit you would take along while fishing or camping when the kids might get a few cuts or scrapes. I like that there's a whistle in case you need to call out for help if you get lost. 

There's sturdy carabiner so it can be attacked to a back pack, belt or loop in the car so it doesn't get lost. It's my thought that you should always have a first aid kit with you in the car, your home and when you go places like camping, fishing or baby sitting because kids are always falling down getting cuts. 

I have several first aid kits and this is a good one to give as a gift to someone getting their own place for the first time. Like I said, I good starter first aid kit. If you'd like to buy one, you can find it here

Disclosure: I received this product free in exchange for an honest review.